Has your son lost his way?

Is he lost in anger, lost in depression, lost in drugs or alcohol? Is he withdrawn, struggling in school, or defiant? Does he refuse to take responsibility for his actions? Does he seem unreachable?

                          You're not alone...
It's become increasingly difficult in western society for young men to make the transition from childhood to adulthood without getting painfully lost somewhere along the way...

                          Imagine a place...
What if there was a place where your son could be nurtured back to wholeness while being challenged toward responsible adulthood? A serene paradise where he could get away from the distractions of daily life and learn to play and laugh again in the company of true friends. A place with US licensed therapists and a robust treatment program to address his emotional and behavioral struggles.

What if there was a place where he could find his way again?
Coral Reef Academy

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John came back from Samoa speaking Samoan, offering to help around the house and with a sparkle in his eyes I hadn't seen in two years. We sent Coral Reef Academy our confused, hurting boy and got back a strong young man."
- Jack M.    
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