Recreation and Fitness

“As a professional athlete, I came to really understand the power of the mind-body-spirit connection; that’s a key Samoan value too.  A strong body is a critical foundation for emotional and spiritual health, so we give our students lots of opportunities to develop and maintain their fitness.”
–R. Rice, Founder and CEO

Why spend time on a tropical island in the south pacific if you’re not going to have…fun!  While students come to enjoy all aspects of life on the island—even the challenges like therapy and academics—they still need to have pure, clean, unadulterated fun.  Coral Reef Academy is close to the beach and to beautiful jungle trails.  Boys can swim, cliff dive, swim in spring-fed jungle pools, spear fish, scuba dive and snorkel, etc.

Students also have opportunities to participate in traditional sports such as rugby, basketball, football, volleyball, and swimming, playing and competing alongside Samoan teens in local tournaments.

Coral Reef Academy students gain a high level of fitness just from the combination of active play and the physicality of daily tasks such as cooking and chores.  But we also provide a formal PE program in our fully equipped gym and weight room.  Each student has an individualized fitness program that is supervised by a staff member.