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Despite-or perhaps because of-our location on a small island in the South Pacific, Coral Reef Academy has attracted world-class talent from Samoa and abroad. We’re proud of our clinical staff, our teachers, our mentors and our campus staff and look forward to you meeting them in person and experiencing a warm “Talofa lava!” or “Welcome!” Meanwhile we have provided a brief introduction to some of our staff, below.

Rodney Rice


Mr. Rodney Rice is the Founder and Owner of Coral Reef Academy, Mr. Rice is the youngest of six children, and had experienced many cultures at a young age as a result of his Father serving in the Military. Being raised as an Air Force Brat has provided him and his siblings the opportunity to travel the world and be immersed in many cultures which has benefited him greatly. It was part of this experience that led Mr. Rice to seek an alternative treatment measure that allowed struggling older adolescents and young adults to experience new cultures and have their horizons broadened while engaging in evidence based and individualized treatment. Being part of a large family, and then later in life having a family of his own, Mr. Rice holds family values and commitments as paramount, along with diversity, and providing opportunities for others to experience different cultures and be impacted by them.

Mr. Rice has worked in the treatment and the helping professions for over 25 years and uses that experience and knowledge daily. He attended BYU and majored in Social Work as well as playing football. Mr. Rice played in the NFL following his collegiate career and is quoted as saying “I believe I was allowed to play in the NFL long enough to broaden my platform so I could reach the kids that I work with today”. Mr Rice followed his NFL career by working for a national treatment provider and soaking up all the knowledge he could in learning about the care and treatment of youth. Following that he founded Coral Reef Academy and has been the driving force and visionary there ever since.

For over 20 years Mr. Rice has provided care and treatment to youth and their families tirelessly. Mr. Rice believes in treating each student as if they were his own children. A coaching mentality and forming a team is a strength that shines through in how Mr. Rice has built and runs Coral Reef Academy. Mr. Rice is one of the most straight forward, humble, honest, and committed people to serve the treatment population.

Mr. Rice is married to a wonderful woman for over 20 years. Together they have four boys and reside in Las Vegas with frequent trips to and from Samoa.   Family remains the most important construct in Mr. Rices’s personal and professional practices. In Mr. Rice’s free time he lifts weights, attends his children’s sporting events, gives back to his community, and spends time with his parents.

Bryan Marks Bio - Coral Reef Academy

Bryan Marks

Chief Operating Officer

Bryan completed his undergraduate degree in Health Sciences with a concentration in substance abuse counseling prior to completing his Masters in Human Services. More recently Bryan completed a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Applied Behavioral Analysis.

Having worked in many areas of the helping professions, Bryan most recently worked for a top tier young adult program as the Director of Quality Assurance and Outreach. As of March of 2016 Bryan has taken the position of Chief Operating Officer and Partner of Coral Reef Academy . Bryan has worked in private treatment centers, not for profits, and has worked as an Independent Educational Consultant. Bryan has a unique skill set that draws from his personal, educational, and professional experience. Bryan also has the advantage of having been a product of programs and treatment centers and can draw from his personal journey, including being one of the first students at Coral Reef Academy 20 years ago.

Bryan has three beautiful children and spends every chance he gets with them. Bryan likes to read, hike, and engage in fitness based activities. Any ocean based experience is what Bryan does when he has time and is near the ocean.

Moana Jonas Bio - Coral Reef Academy

Moana Jonas


Talofa Lava and welcome to the Coral Reef Academy (CRA). I am Moana Regina Mata’utia Solomona, and I am one of the Program Therapists here at CRA.

I was born in Samoa and my family moved to New Zealand when I was five (5) which is where I spent most of my life and where the majority of my education and training took place. I am a qualified Clinical Therapist specialized in Mental Health and Addictions. I completed my Bachelors and Postgraduate degrees in New Zealand and in 2019 was certified as an International Regional Trainer in Addictions through the Colombo Plan Drug Advisory Plan (DAP) Kuala Lumpur. For 16 years I have worked in New Zealand and Australia in the field of Mental Health and Addictions and Guardianship with age groups ranging from 5 yrs to Adults. I have also worked as and Alcohol and Drug Clinician and Trainer in prisons in New Zealand and Australia. I came back to Samoa in 2015 to help set up the first Alcohol and Drug Therapeutic Court which is the first in whole of the Pacific.

I recently started working with the Coral Reef Academy as a Program Therapist and have found my transition into this new service to be very relevant as my specialized areas are needed here. I have had the opportunity to meet the students and talk with some parents and staff and find CRA to be a very unique service offering not only the clinical expertise but the Samoan Culture as part of a holistic treatment plan to support the boys on the program. It is very family and community oriented as is the Samoan Culture. The environment itself being on a tropical island is a wonderful therapeutic environment also for the boys.

My role is to work with the boys to provide counseling, therapy and education, in group work and individual sessions to help them work through their challenges, achieve their goals, life skills, etc so that when they leave here they will be able to making better decisions for themselves and their families and reached their desired goals.

Thank you for letting Coral Reef Academy be a part of yours and your sons journey.

Ms. Cecelia Bent Bio - Coral Reef Academy

Cecelia Bent

Program Therapist

I would like to introduce myself to you as one of the program therapists working here at Coral Reef Academy with one of your most treasured possessions, your child.

My name is Cecelia Bent, born and raised in England with Caribbean heritage. I have been working with children and families for more than thirty years, and I have been working as a therapist for the past ten years.

I’d like to share a little bit about my life. I was raised in a dysfunctional family which had an impact on my life. I wanted to understand myself and support others with similar backgrounds, so I trained and became a licensed counsellor. This I feel has been one of the best decisions I made in my life, because it helped me with the biggest question “Why?” 

Being equipped with answers allowed me to change disabling patterns in my life, step out of the blame culture and take ownership of my actions. I wanted the world to experience that richness of understanding ones behavior and taking back control with the wonderful feeling of empowerment. 

I have experience working as a therapist with married couples, children {aged 4-21} and families.  I have worked in private practice and with schools, charities and local authorities. My primary therapeutic approaches include person-centered, play, and transactional analysis.

Mr. Paul Elu Bio - Coral Reef Academy

Gaynor Fepuleai-Tupuola

Program Therapist

My name is Paul Heiko Elu. I am a qualified Social Worker and Counselor with experience working within the youth sector. I was born and raised in Samoa, went to university in New Zealand, and have returned to Samoa to serve my community.

Since 2010, I worked as a Psychiatrist assistant for three years in the mental health sector while pursuing my counseling and social work degree. Since 2015, I worked for Sowers Trust in New Zealand; an agency providing at-risk youth and their families support and mentoring. Within that position, I had the opportunity to design and run various youth mentoring programs aimed to support kids meet their potential through the use of sports, experiential activities, psycho-education, and counseling.

My primary forms of treatment are experiential and cognitive-behavioral therapy. What I plan on in my professional journey is to work collaboratively with youth and help them to become physically, mentally and emotionally fit. As a professional athlete, I love to use sports as a foundation for empowering and mentoring young men to discover their true identity.

Ms. Gaynor Fepuleai-Tupuola Bio - Coral Reef Academy

Gaynor Fepuleai-Tupuola

Program Therapist

Ms. Gaynor is young mother of 44 years of age married with children from Apia. She was educated at Samoa College and University of Samoa where she graduated with Diploma in Education. She has served her government by teaching in Government schools in the village of Siumu for 10 years.

She then taught at private school, All Saints Anglican School where she was Head of Department for English. With her skills she implemented Policy & Procedures for Occupational Health & Safety in school environment.

She is an educator who is passionate about “Inclusive Education” leading her in taking up further studies at Australian Pacific Technical College graduating with Certificate III in Education Support and Certificate IV – Disability, while still teaching at the All Saints Anglican School.

She implemented Inclusive Curriculum and worked closely with students with special learning disabilities and facilitated classes for students and parents.

Donjoe Bryce Bio

Donjoe Tina Bryce

Executive Assistant

Donjoe came to Coral Reef Academy as Executive Assistant to our Executive Director in
Saoluafata in 2006 from being First Secretary to the Minister of Works from 1999 to
2003, before traveling to settle her children in New Zealand. She was educated in Samoa in Administration/Accounting and holds a Diploma in Public Management. Her passion is working with NGO communities and youth. She was the first coordinator of New Zealand Funded program addressing Violence against Women and Children in Samoa. She is a qualified New Zealand and Australian Counselor on above issues also a trained/qualified Paralegal which has seen her travel the Pacific countries advocating for the end of Violence against Women & Children. She is a mother of 8 children all settled in their various careers with families of their own in NZ, Hawaii and Samoa.

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